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OpenBSD Theo wrote a letter at large to the open source community urging us to take a stand. In the letter Theo provides information on how to contact Intel and helpful hints on how to explain benefits of open documentation to any vendor.
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Intel IS Linux friendly
by TechGeek on Sun 1st Oct 2006 19:58 UTC
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You know, Intel is one of the most linux friendly hardware makers out there right now. They may not open their drivers or firmware, but who says they have to? At least Intel hardware works with linux which is more than I can say about AMD stuff. I would love to buy AMD, they do make awesome hardware. But I will not buy a VIA board EVER again. Until AMD insists on quality for their chipsets like Intel, they will never take Intel's marketshare. With Intel, it may not be the fastest (although core 2 duo rocks) but it does work like a champ. As for linux, we'll see how linux friendly AMD is when they decide to open ATI's drivers up. Or at least open the specifications so that open drivers can be written.

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