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X11, Window Managers "All technical reasons (alternative configuration system, alternative decorator, xinerama...) for this fork are incorrect and I know that at least Quinn Storm is aware of this, based on a phone conversation we had last week. With a few notable exceptions, most of the code I've seen going into what is now beryl is not high quality code that would be considered for compiz."
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All hail the fork!
by Guppetto on Mon 2nd Oct 2006 18:02 UTC
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Dave and the Novell gang are changing their tune becuase they know that Beryl is going to steal Compiz's thunder. If you hang around, it would already be clear that most users and developers used Quinns tree anyway. The packagers always made the vanilla compiz availible, but Quinns branch was always the most discussed and active branch. It's funny that people want to all of a sudden talk about code quality when most people couldn't read a line of code if their life depended on it. Beryl might be experinceing a little instability whyle totally seperating from Compiz, but it has been rock solid for the most part. Sure, you're going to hear someone say it dopesn't work on my PC, but just spend a week or so on and see if code quality is an issue.Compiz is heading the way of the old X window manager before xorg, and the Novel group know it. Sure, their going to continue to develope it, but you have to remember that many in the community have never been fond of Novels behind the curtain communications and development practices. The fork is cool, because the community developers are already firmly behind Beryl, and the corporation is frimly behind Compiz.

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