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OpenBSD Theo wrote a letter at large to the open source community urging us to take a stand. In the letter Theo provides information on how to contact Intel and helpful hints on how to explain benefits of open documentation to any vendor.
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RE[3]: How Childish
by deanna on Mon 2nd Oct 2006 18:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: How Childish"
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Here is Intel's purported stance toward Open Source as laid out in the slides:

Enable the community to do as much as possible.
Only keep internal those things that the community can not contribute to

Example: Certification Testing

If you need to keep IP closed source (for example some whiz bang algorithm) document the hardware sufficiently that the community can provide their own.

Treat the community as if they were a member of your internal team.

Listen, and respond to, their input and feedback!!!

Not one point in there is actually put into practice, and this is why we see accusations of lying. They look like lies to me. "Listen to, and respond to their input and feedback!!!" Where is Intel's response to this debacle?

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