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NetBSD "The pkgsrc developers are very proud to announce the new pkgsrc-2006Q3 branch, which has support for more packages than previous branches. As well as updated versions of many packages, the infrastructure of pkgsrc itself has been improved for better platform and compiler support, and also for enhanced security. At the same time, the pkgsrc-2006Q2 branch has been deprecated, and continuing engineering starts on the pkgsrc-2006Q3 branch."
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RE: Great continued support
by ghen on Mon 2nd Oct 2006 21:31 UTC in reply to "Great continued support"
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Unfortunately, since the release cycle of firefox on pkgsrc was not kept up daily in the past, it meant I would have at least 5 vulnerabilities on my system due to each firefox release.

We have been keeping the Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey packages up-to-date almost the day after each release. The stable pkgsrc branch always lags behind a few days more (due to extra sanity-checking of updates), but is very up-to-date with security fixes as well. They few security issues left with Firefox ATM are still unpatched by Mozilla, so we can't really do much about them, but they're minor.

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