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SCO, Caldera, Unixware Novell appears to be attempting to cut off SCO's lifeline to its cash reserves. By not focusing on the arguments over who owns what in Unix but instead hammering on the far more simple matter of SCO not living up to its business contract, Novell hopes to put a quick end to SCO and its seemingly endless Linux litigation.
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Of course Linux stole IP
by NotParker on Tue 3rd Oct 2006 22:05 UTC
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Of course OSS stole IP. Thats what they do!

Even the GNU FAQ recommends blackmail!

"So we recommend that you approach them when the program is only half-done, saying, "If you will agree to releasing this as free software, I will finish it." Don't think of this as a bluff. To prevail, you must have the courage to say, "My program will have liberty, or never be born." "

If blackmail is acceptable to Stallman, what makes you think stealing IP would not be.

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