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Games "Yes, it's true. It's not made out of wood, it's not behind bullet-proof glass at the Tokyo Game Show - it's a real live PS3 and we're really playing it. The two Sony reps that were kind enough to bring us the machine brought it in a bag, popped it out and placed it on our table. We connected it to our TV and we were away. Forget any dev-kit speculation and empty cases. PS3 is real and it works brilliantly."
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RE: Stiff competition now
by Don Grayson on Wed 4th Oct 2006 02:34 UTC in reply to "Stiff competition now"
Don Grayson
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Yeah, both XBox editions are cheaper than the PS3. That is until you add in the cost of that external HD-DVD player in which case the prices become very similar.

Consider that since the HD-DVD drive wasn't included with the stock XBox 360 then very few developers will write software to take advantage of the format because they can't depend on it being there. It's the same mistake that Sony made with the Hard Drive add-on.

Not including the HD-DVD player in the stock XBox360 also means that Sony will get a tremendous market boost for their Blu-Ray disc format, as it's easier to rationalize a $600 game console & next gen dvd player than two seperate machines. With increased Blu-Ray market penetration, Blu-Ray will become cheaper faster, further entrenching the format.

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