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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems says its new UltraSparc T1 microprocessor, nicknamed Niagara, is creating a big splash. Sun was set to report Monday that 60 percent of the trial units of Niagara, an open-source product, have been ordered by new customers. This indicates that the company is gaining market share from rivals such as IBM's Power and Intel's Itanium high-performance microprocessor architectures.
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RE[2]: Unfortunately
by japh on Wed 4th Oct 2006 08:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Unfortunately"
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Agreed. If you're testing a machine with Niagra CPU and complain about the performance of a singlethreaded task, you've missed something important.
There are a lot of systems that would beat a T1000 at that.

Running 50 or so parallel instances of the test to parse the XML file should show advantages of the Niagra.

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