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Linux "George Weiss, Gartner's open-source analyst, recently said that Microsoft Windows will not suffer irreparable damage on the server side at the hands of Linux over the next five years. He's right. Microsoft will fall flat on its face all by itself, and Linux will pick up afterwards. It's very simple."
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good point, but why linux?
by s-peter on Wed 4th Oct 2006 13:27 UTC
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The article has a good point, the cost of OS licenses may be a problem for people deploying virtualized systems. But for many Windows users moving to a virtualized Windows solution may still be cheaper than migrating to Linux. And MS can always decide to change its licensing model when they see Linux and others starting to pick up. This way they can charge a higher price for those who want to move to a virtualized solution fast and can afford it, and later charge a smaller amount for those who couldn't afford the greater prize.

Also, I don't see any justification for the assumption that people abandoning Windows will move to Linux. There are plenty of alternatives, including the BSDs and the OpenSolaris based ones.

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