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Games "Yes, it's true. It's not made out of wood, it's not behind bullet-proof glass at the Tokyo Game Show - it's a real live PS3 and we're really playing it. The two Sony reps that were kind enough to bring us the machine brought it in a bag, popped it out and placed it on our table. We connected it to our TV and we were away. Forget any dev-kit speculation and empty cases. PS3 is real and it works brilliantly."
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RE[3]: Stiff competition now
by Don Grayson on Wed 4th Oct 2006 15:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Stiff competition now"
Don Grayson
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Both PS3s have a harddrive. It's the *360* where the cheaper version doesn't have one.

I was referring to the PS2, which didn't have a hard drive at launch.

To add the hard drive you had to buy Final Fantasy which came with the drive, and a broadband adapter. Plus the drive wasn't even available for the first 2 or 3 years after the PS2 was on the market.

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