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Windows If Vista is not activated with a legitimate product registration key in time, the system will run in 'reduced functionality mode' until it is activated, said Thomas Lindeman, a senior product manager at Microsoft. In this mode, people will be able to use a Web browser for up to an hour, after which time the system will log them out, he said. On a related note, Microsoft later this month plans to roll out an Express Upgrade program that gives buyers of Windows XP-based PCs a coupon for a free or discounted upgrade to Windows Vista through March 15.
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This has got to be one of THE MOST PAIN IN THE ASS “FEATURES” I’ve ever seen. The LAST THING I need to waste my time with is calling technical support, not because I’m having an actual “technical” issue, but because I’m having a problem with licensing. As for an update after the product is EOLed, what motivation does Microsoft have to make this update not another massive “pain in the ass” to perform/deploy (and coax you into upgrading instead)? This is why I LOVED VLKs—because I didn’t have to deal with this BULLSHIT over 1500+ machines. Oh, you’re formatting this box? Don’t forget to activate everything/prove you're not a criminal yet again.

Sorry Microsoft—treat your customers like thieves and see how long they’ll be your customers. Hello open source/alternatives; we're beginning to live in an IP “world gone mad.”

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