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Qt Trolltech today released Qt version 4.2. Highlights of the new release include support for styleable widgets and a new Graphics View 2D canvas framework.
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by IndigoJo on Wed 4th Oct 2006 22:23 UTC in reply to "Awesome"
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The new Cleanlooks theme is a Qt theme which is intended to allow Qt apps to blend in with GTK ones when the app is being run in GNOME, much as Plastique was intended to let Qt 4 apps blend in with KDE. My main complaint with it is that, on some TFT monitors which have a pinkish tinge (like my Dell 1905FP) it really does bring out the pink, and Plastique doesn't. But Cleanlooks is a Qt-based Clearlooks clone and so your windows should redraw nice and quick so you know it's not GTK.

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