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Legal The EU has accumulated enough evidence to charge Intel with antitrust violations, according to the Wall Street Journal. Anonymous sources quoted by the paper claim that EU lawyers have prepared a draft of their case against the company, but are waiting to make it public until after an interior panel of legal experts meets to consider the arguments in the document.
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amd made in germany
by gregorlowski on Wed 4th Oct 2006 23:42 UTC
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Aren't AMD chips made at a plant in Dresden? I'm not claiming that it necessarily influences the EU's decision, but I also wouldn't be surprised if AMD somehow has gained some influence in the EU as a major manufacturer in Germany (probably minimal jobs and maybe even minimal tax revenue, but governments like to tout that they have leading tech industries located in their regions).

But I don't really know the facts in this case--just throwing out the above thought. Who knows, maybe Intel also has research facilities or manufacturing in Europe as well?

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