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Qt Trolltech today released Qt version 4.2. Highlights of the new release include support for styleable widgets and a new Graphics View 2D canvas framework.
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RE: QT keeps getting better
by bnolsen on Wed 4th Oct 2006 21:20 UTC in reply to "QT keeps getting better"
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It all depends on your philosophy.

From my view Qt attempts to infiltrate the whole project from top to bottom instead of providing useful utilities.

The whole model/view/controller framework that came out with 4.0 is an example of this. Also Qt has some problems with getting too bloated and loaded down, note the QWidget class and too many different ways of handling gui events (pick either signal/slot, override QWidget event methods or install event filters).

I guess the more I've been coding the more I've moved to "simpler is better". I appreciate having the fat cut out.

Of course at the same time I realize that C++ also needs to go away, D will make this possible (and obsolete Qt at that point also).

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