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Linux "Like most companies, my employer has a stash of old, 'obsolete' PCs and laptops that won't run the latest versions of Windows worth a darn. Naturally, this represents a great source of systems for testing the latest Linux distributions. I thought it would be interesting to find out which modern Linux distro made the best OS for a supposedly 'obsolete' old laptop. With this in mind, I requisitioned an oldie but goodie: an IBM ThinkPad 2662-35U, with a Pentium III 600MHz processor, 192MB of SDRAM, and a 20GB hard drive."
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RE: fluxbuntu
by Sigfrodi on Thu 5th Oct 2006 16:23 UTC in reply to "fluxbuntu"
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This dude centered his selection on distros with KDE by default, and he writes he wants KDE as a DM.

It seems he just wanted to get his familiar environment as quickly as possible and with the less efforts required... Quite understable, though maybe not the best idea as the softwares he selected are not the lightest ones...

I use a Dell Ispiron 7000 (PII 400Mhz) and I replaced :
- KDE by Fluxbox
- Firefox by links2 (useful when it's just to download sources of a software...). I plan to install Kazehakase but fail to compile it at the moment...
- Thunderbird by Sylpheed
- AmaroK by XMMS
- OO.o by Abiword and Siag Office (for the speadsheet)
- Kate by Nedit
- Acroread by XPDF.

Though some of these applications may have less functionnalities or be a bit less visual appealing, it's OK for my use and the laptop works pretty well...

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