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Microsoft Nick McGrath, Microsoft's head of platform strategy, is at the spearhead of the software giant's attempts to head off the open source danger. Having helped launched both NT4 and XP into the UK, the 15-year Microsoft veteran now concentrates on combating the threat posed by organisations migrating to Linux. But, with an almost mockingly dismissive opinion of the opportunities brought about by Linux, McGrath is insistent that Microsoft is not losing ground. Instead he claims that Microsoft is winning key corporate and public sector deals on the critical battlegrounds of cost and security.
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"Beagle - don't make me laugh - they can't even index proprietary formats"

And Windows can index ext3? At least in Linux there are more supported filesystems then in Windows. And as far as performance Beagle is far better then MS attempt which is still in beta stage

"3D desktops - Sun did the work first and now try Aqua on Vista"

Why would i try an OS that doesn't work, when I have a perfectly functioning Ubuntu

"Suspend/Resume works on XP - don't freaking lie about it. People don't design laptops to be incompatible with WIndows XP - that's patently false. ACPI problems are Linux's fault"

I don't have a clue what are you talking about. it works just fine

"About your booting time - I call bull shit. My XP takes 10 secs and linux on the same box takes 47 secs. That's a crock and you know it."

Even with modified prefetch setting to facilitate faster boot time my XP takes longer then Ubuntu on the same notebook

"did rm -rf /* recently - and I flushed my entire OS down the toilet - people do stupid things"

Just a minor correction STUPID people (as in, look in the mirror) do stupid things

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