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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Is Ubuntu an operating system? Last week at EuroOSCON, Mark Shuttleworth gave the closing keynote outlining what he believes are the major struggles faced by the open-source/free-software community. During his talk, it became clear that Ubuntu is trying to achieve a radical shift in the software world. Ubuntu isn't trying to be a platform for mass-market application software: it is trying to be the primary provider of both the operating system and all the application software that a typical user would want to run on his machine. Most Linux distributions are like this, and I think it is a dangerous trend that will stifle innovation and usability."
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Well Ubuntu is NOT an OS in the strictest meaning of the word. As a matter of fact Ubuntu is less of an OS than Windows is but still for the layman it IS an OS. Anyway I could really care less about what Ubuntu intends to do with the packages that they distribute. Those guys have to reorder their priorities. For the 2+ years that the Distro has been around there have been very slow improvements in the general appearance of the OS and anybody who has ever tried a linux distro knows that no DE is on par with what comes out of the camps of Apple and even MS. Not that KDE and Gnome are bad but they still need some polishing in order too appeal to the corporate and the home user markets. However, with an exception of the first 6 months of its existence, Ubuntu hasn't really done much work. When you put this into perspective with what both Novell and the Fedora teams are doing, the only thing that Ubuntu has going for them is the debian repository and it isn't even their idea or even any noticeable improvement over what is already in debian. So would Ubuntu ever achieve their goals of world linux domination? I highly doubt that with the current business strategy. Yes, Suse's repository and community is quite there yet and yes RH and Fedora could drive you crazy installing certain applications without recompiling but at the end of the day they all work and unlike Ubuntu both Novell and RH has a solid industry reputation that eventually results in wider acceptance in the corporate world.

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