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Oracle and SUN Here is OSNews' review of Xandros Desktop Home Edition Premium version 4.0 (a mouthfull). Xandros Systems was so kind as to provide OSNews with the top of the line version of their product, which includes, among other things, complete copies of Versora Progression Desktop, CrossOver Office, and various non-Free drivers and utilities. Read on for the complete review.
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by Devilotx on Fri 6th Oct 2006 14:09 UTC
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I've been involved with Xandros since Version 2, I beta tested the lot of them, and recently Beta Tested Server Edition.

They offered me 4 for 30 bucks or so, I declined, the activation thing goes against everything that moved me from Windows to Linux in the first place. I don't appreciate being treated like a criminal for the things I "Could" be doing with the software.

Ming Poon offered me a complementary copy to review (as I have in the past) and I declined, I cannot support a company that wants activation. While the OS will function fine without activation, you don't get updates or anything without it.

When Activation Cropped up on the Xandros Server, I could understand that, server space is the Linux bread and butter, if you wanna protect your investment there, that's good, because if people are using Xandros for server, they want the support, but the desktop? you're supposed to be introducing people to the advantage of Linux, not more of the same.

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