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General Development There's an interesting challenge in writing a good book about programming. At a certain point, you'll lose the newbies and alienate the technical. Below the line is a safe introductory book, above it is aimed at a smaller crowd. We had an opportunity review No Starch Press' Object-Oriented PHP, and found it fits nicely into the gap.
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by jcinacio on Fri 6th Oct 2006 19:29 UTC in reply to "See also...."
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Though i haven't read it, i'm inclined to agree.
Having a good book go not only thru OO but how it relates to design patterns (and vice-versa) with some practical examples is a MUST for anyone wanting to go from the "relatively newbie" to designing real structured apps.

OO by itself is nice, but IMHO you can still do "spaghetti" code if you don't get the real essence of it - wich is why i believe design patterns is a must-have.

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