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Windows One of the most innovative features coming in Windows Longhorn Server isn't really a feature as much as a whole new version of Windows. It's called Server Core, and it will only take one-sixth of the disk space of a normal Longhorn installation. It's not expected to need anywhere near as many patches and hotfixes as Windows 2000. It's a version of Windows that does not, in fact, use windows. It's breaking Microsoft's long-standing reliance on graphical interfaces and shaking things up in several of Microsoft's product groups.
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RE[3]: Long whosis?
by REM2000 on Sat 7th Oct 2006 10:31 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Long whosis?"
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Like ubuntu who have client 6.06 (powerpc, x64, i386), server 6.06 lts, kbuntu etc.. Yes some like gentoo have one.

But really what is the problem with having more versions of windows server / linux. The people who install this software are not end users, people who need windows/linux server products are IT administrator's who know what they are doing, if we can install and configure network systems im sure we will be able to figure out if we need server core, win2k3 std or longhorn server. Multiple versions bring more choice.

I think that server core is an excellent idea, i can see data centers using this where all you need is basic funcationaility to get the systems going. From a personal view it's something ive always admired about linux, when setting up SUSE as a server it's nice to completley dump the desktop managers and have a simple CLI. It's nice to grab all of the resources for the servers task at hand instead of losing a bit or memory / cpu cycles to the GUI.

The other benefit as stated in the report is the fact this reduces the surface area of attack, excellent. I won't say that i completely hate UI's as they are useful for other tasks.

All OS's require patches, i patch my SUSE boxes, Windows boxes and Mac clients, it something you do with software. Ive never really had a problem with the patching situation.

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