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Red Hat Jim Gettys from the OLPC team has responded in a long weblog to Theo de Raadt's concerns over the use of the Marvell chip in the OLPC. Gettys explains why the Marvell chip was chosen and how the team is working on open wireless firmware.
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Part of the point of the whole project is not just to make these capable, affordable machines available, but also to give them a platform to be able to learn on. Having closed up drivers will restrict the users freedom to learn from the machine and software in a programming and hardware interface level. It's about giving them access to information, and it should be as open as possible. There are many technical hurdles they overcame in the design of the machine so to stop short at one part seemed odd to me. But it does seem now that they had taken these things into account and have a plan of action. I'm glad that sometime, hopefully soon, the users of these machines will be able to modify and tweak the drivers source code to their individual needs.

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