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X11, Window Managers "Compiz is the compositing window manager that works on top of Xgl or AIGLX to enable Desktop Effects. Recently, a community developer named Quinn Storm announced that she would start a Compiz-based fork project called 'Beryl', citing frustration with Novell regarding getting her code fixes accepted into the Compiz upstream source tree. We called Compiz/Xgl maintainer David Reveman to get his side of the story."
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RE: One Sided
by rhetoric.sendmemoney on Sat 7th Oct 2006 22:31 UTC in reply to "One Sided"
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I am all for choice too. However, my concern with Beryl is that its popularity due to its features will cause it to become a "standard." How many pieces of the linux system do we routinely shake are heads at and wish they were designed better from the start? How many limitations will we regret having not done right the first time? Personally, I say stick with the quality code and build it *right* rather than now.

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