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Internet Explorer "I've read many articles about Internet Explorer 7's new security features and coupled with the imminent release of Vista this got me interested. I recall seeing a rather funny screenshot (which I found on the internet), which showed Internet Explorer 6 in Windows XP stuffed full of spyware/toolbars/etc. I wanted to see if IE7 was any better than that screenshot of IE6, how would it cope with a user that simply clicked 'yes/allow/next/accept' to everything that was presented to them. In addition, I wanted to see how the User Account Control reacted to this, and in the end, could I restore IE7 to it's former glory."
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Regarding Reset
by OSGuy on Sun 8th Oct 2006 20:44 UTC
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Ok, it resets the settings but does it also remove the settings on Startup the "Run" key and does it remove the browser helper objects from the registry? If the answer is no then your system is still bloated with spyware and slowdowns because they all load on start up.

Please, I am not attacking MS here. I think they've done a superior job with Vista and IE7 and it just shows that it tries to prevent everything from being installed by itself. Of course, they shouldn't make it impossible to install third party software otherwise as the other user posted, it will be useless and people will complain about monopoly/strict control about what can/cannot be installed. It just shows it's all up to the user and this is the case with ALL OSes. Even on MacOS 10, the OS would not stop the user from running a bad file if the user wishes to do so.

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