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QNX Most people haven't heard of QNX Software, though they've likely come in contact with it. The real-time operating system is used where software failure can lead to catastrophic consequences, even death - from high-speed trains to air traffic control towers to highway toll systems. It's also used in more than 100 different types of cars on the road.
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RE: Christmas lights
by NotParker on Mon 9th Oct 2006 17:26 UTC in reply to "Christmas lights "
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Remember the old style of Christmas lights where you had a big long string and if one bulb burned out the whole thing burned out and you had to go through each one and find out which single bulb failed? That's Microsoft.

Remember P Money? You go in Kinkos late at night and use a color photocopier to photocopy a 20 dollar bill - one side per page.

And then you buy some glue, cut the photocopied bills out of each sheet of paper and "Paste" the 2 sides together.

Thats Linux.

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