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SCO, Caldera, Unixware A declaration by SCO's backer, BayStar has revealed that the software Giant Microsoft had more links to the anti-Linux bad-boy. The declaration made by from BayStar general partner Larry Goldfarb has turned up as part of IBM's evidence to the court. Goldfarb says that Baystar had been chucking USD 50 million at SCO despite concerns that it had a high cash burn rate. He also claims that former Microsoft senior VP for corporate development and strategy Richard Emerson discussed "a variety of investment structures wherein Microsoft would 'backstop', or guarantee in some way, BayStar's investment". Thanks to The Inq for the summary.
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Some people love Bill Gates. I don't...
by buff on Mon 9th Oct 2006 19:06 UTC
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It is funny how different people's perceptions of MS are and Bill Gates. I was thinking of my boss saying how great Gates was since he gives so much money to charities now. What a swell guy... I was going to say something but I bit my tongue instead. Gates might be feeling philanthropic now giving away lots of money to charities and such but how many companies with great ideas were driven into the ground by unethical business practices by Gate's management. For example funding a company to keep Linux locked into legal FUD. How ethical and philanthropic is that? How about all the companies that were strong armed into doing it the way MS wants or losing their contracts. Used to happen all the time, probably still does. If I was working for a charity I might not accept money from MS on the grounds that a portion of it is dirty money.

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