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SCO, Caldera, Unixware A declaration by SCO's backer, BayStar has revealed that the software Giant Microsoft had more links to the anti-Linux bad-boy. The declaration made by from BayStar general partner Larry Goldfarb has turned up as part of IBM's evidence to the court. Goldfarb says that Baystar had been chucking USD 50 million at SCO despite concerns that it had a high cash burn rate. He also claims that former Microsoft senior VP for corporate development and strategy Richard Emerson discussed "a variety of investment structures wherein Microsoft would 'backstop', or guarantee in some way, BayStar's investment". Thanks to The Inq for the summary.
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Gates might be feeling philanthropic now giving away lots of money to charities and such but how many companies with great ideas were driven into the ground by unethical business practices by Gate's management

Oh, have no fear. Gates hasn't changed the colour of his feathers. He gives computers loaded with Windows to teaching institutions (lock-in, tax sheltering; prevents toehold of other OS) and he provides billions in funds for African medicine while accepting shares from the medical companies in a joint bid to prevent the Africans from starting up their own drug plants. Gates gets richer, the medical companies get richer, the Africans get medicine... all good, right? Can't have those Africans making inexpensive drugs for their own people, or working paying jobs, that's not in the interests of anybody, right?

Yeah. He's a real humanitarian.

...then the responsible person at MicroSoft acted on his own for something that MS recognized would be bad for them and so fired this Emerson accordingly

Oh please. You've got more blinders on than a Budweiser wagon parade.

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