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SCO, Caldera, Unixware A declaration by SCO's backer, BayStar has revealed that the software Giant Microsoft had more links to the anti-Linux bad-boy. The declaration made by from BayStar general partner Larry Goldfarb has turned up as part of IBM's evidence to the court. Goldfarb says that Baystar had been chucking USD 50 million at SCO despite concerns that it had a high cash burn rate. He also claims that former Microsoft senior VP for corporate development and strategy Richard Emerson discussed "a variety of investment structures wherein Microsoft would 'backstop', or guarantee in some way, BayStar's investment". Thanks to The Inq for the summary.
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The Truth Seekers ... spinning moronic conspiracy theories to justify the usual OSS hate-mongering. What has Linus or Stalman ever given away to charity?

What's a business decision made between Gates and the drug companies he now owns stock in got to do with charity?

What has Linus or Stalman ever given away to charity?

You may have heard about Linux, the Free Software Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and GNU?

The $30 billion, of course, does not include the $8 billion in gifts that the foundation has made since 1994. Last year it gave $1.36 billion, and this year it expects to spend around $1.5 billion.

Bill, is that you?

Now it will be Buffett and the Gateses building up the foundation together. Bill and Melinda have said that almost all their fortune will go to charity, and right now they still have an estimated net worth of $50 billion.

I await their humanitarian efforts. Those not tied to some corporation's agenda, that is.

The foundation works heavily through partners (nongovernmental organizations, usually) and has focused on big causes. Its original giving was directed at providing U.S. libraries free online access - and today more than 99% are hooked up.

Sounds great. Provide references? Do you suppose that those libraries were provided with MSN propaganda and all the computers run Microsoft Windows only, rather than services, equipment; software of their choosing? Just a little guess: they took what they got and will have to like it.

The foundation then broadened its efforts to global health, on which it now spends around 60% of its funds. Much of that is beamed at what Bill Gates calls "the Big Three diseases": malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis."

I don't suppose you could provide me with documentation showing that money went into building plants in those affected countries? I can tell you that it didn't. Dirty money, indeed.

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