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Zeta "As is the norm (for the most cases) with private software companies, yellowTAB before, and now Magnussoft, have been reserved in commenting what's coming down the road. We know Multi-User is coming and also that GCC4 is part of ZETA's future, but today we're going to bring you a small glimpse in what's coming for ZETA and its users."
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I Just dont want it.
by testadura on Tue 10th Oct 2006 07:56 UTC
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Somehow Zeta gives me a bad feeling.... I don't want it, and don't want to try it either. Yellowtab and now Magnussoft are such obscure companies. Everything(!) is vague and leaves us to guess.... About the licencing of the source code and now about the transfer from yT to Magnussoft. I will continue to use R5 untill Haiku is finished en I am sure that those $100 is better spent on donating to the haiku project, than on a copy of Zeta.
Everyone who considers buying Zeta, should donate to Haiku instead.... In the long run it will pay off!

PS. And I also dislike the idea that Magnussoft will use Haikucode in Zeta. Somehow this feels unfair.

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