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Apple One of the big unknowns of the Apple Switch that not many people are talking about right now is Rosetta, the translation software that Intel-based Macs will use to run legacy PPC binaries. Prior to the release of the first Intel-based Mac it's difficult to assess just what kind of performance Rosetta will yield on the majority of legacy OS X software. Will most legacy PPC apps be usable? Mostly usable? Barely usable?
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by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 11th Aug 2005 19:25 UTC in reply to "pc fanboy"
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I've talked to a few software developers who have used Apple's Intel developer boxes and they've attested to the fact that emulation speeds are indeed 80% of full native speed as Apple said all along. Why is Hannibal so inclined to doubt them?

Erm, maybe because these Apple developers have a product to sell?

I thought this article was well thought-out, and his explanations made a lot of sense, even to someone who isn't a programmer (me). We're talking about two totally different architectures, you can't expect emulation to be at 80% or more *always*. Of course, some apps will run at this speed, but *not* all. That is simply impossible, and I'm sure future benchmarks will support this.

Running a notepad will be at 80%, but will the same go for a bigger, more complex application? No way in hell.

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