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PC-BSD "iXsystems, an enterprise-class hardware solution provider, announced today its acquisition of PC-BSD, a rock solid UNIX operating system based on FreeBSD. PC-BSD is a fully functional desktop operating system running FreeBSD version 6, with a KDE desktop interface and graphical system installer. Its PBI system, developed exclusively for PC-BSD, lets users download and install their applications in a self-extracting and installing format. iXsystems' acquisition of PC-BSD will provide funding to the PC-BSD project to increase distribution of PC-BSD and develop future versions of PC-BSD. Development is currently underway for a version of PC-BSD that will allow for easy installation and operation on servers, workstations, and laptops."
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"Freedom isn't someones flavour of freedom"

Its you who as a flavour of freedom in certain type of cases defined by you.

"Freedom is real and without any drawback!"

That disqualify BSD then , closing code is a drawback.

"if you want to guarantee freedom you have to do it with a proper attitude and the right facts."

BSD as the wrong attitude and is without real fact.

"Some philosopher, people who real care about what is freedom, wouldn't define it that easily - because they know, it's always a two edged blade. "

No Freedom is one way only : you are free. Freedom is protected by fighter and enforcement.

"So it's "freedom" according to Stallman"

Freedom is not defined by Stallman it predate Stallman by millenia ...

"but it's only their flavour "

There is no flavour of freedom.

"Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD) for example has some other flavour of freedom to offer. "

No Theo de Raadt use BSD ... neither him or Stallman defined Freedom.

"So it's the brain to use"

No , actions define and protect freedom , you can think about freedom all you whant but if you let someone else close it on others and yourself , you thinking you have freedom is nothing but fabulation.

"not some religion"

I am not discussing my religion.

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