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Microsoft Microsoft's Steve Ballmer said on Tuesday that lines between on-premise software and Internet services are blurring, an industry shift the company is embracing. During his talk, Ballmer said many websites can be described as 'click to run', where a service is delivered via a Web site but runs on a PC. "I do think that we're in a transition where software goes from something that's in its pre-Internet day to something we call Live (Microsoft's hosted services), where you have click-to-run capability on a Web site... But software will still execute on a PC," Ballmer said in response to questions.
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Web 2.meh = Waste of time
by Phloptical on Wed 11th Oct 2006 02:00 UTC
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Someone explain the uses of this again? Except of course to get the glut of unemployed web page designers from the late 90's a reason to collect a paycheck again.

Let's break down Web 2.0
Do I need an online version of Word? No.
Do I need an online version of Excel? Hell no.
But it's free! So f-'ing what, tightwad. So is it you lazy bastard.

So that's the schpeel. At least 64bit will eventually be useful, AJAX and Web 2.0 is another example of hype going nowhere.

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