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PC-BSD "iXsystems, an enterprise-class hardware solution provider, announced today its acquisition of PC-BSD, a rock solid UNIX operating system based on FreeBSD. PC-BSD is a fully functional desktop operating system running FreeBSD version 6, with a KDE desktop interface and graphical system installer. Its PBI system, developed exclusively for PC-BSD, lets users download and install their applications in a self-extracting and installing format. iXsystems' acquisition of PC-BSD will provide funding to the PC-BSD project to increase distribution of PC-BSD and develop future versions of PC-BSD. Development is currently underway for a version of PC-BSD that will allow for easy installation and operation on servers, workstations, and laptops."
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RE[5]: Could be a very smart move
by borker on Wed 11th Oct 2006 13:57 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Could be a very smart move"
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I do see your point to some degree... and it is anoying how so many threads degenerate into license, DE etc wars, but in this case, the subject of the post is a BSD licensed OS being bought and there are legitimate reasons to discuss the ramifications of licensing choice in this context. Sorry, but though the post i responded to was wrong headed it was not in this context off topic.

Also, I note that the topic I responded to is at +3 so someone posting a misunderstanding about a license is on topic but someone correcting them is off? This is not the mod system working properly.

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