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SCO, Caldera, Unixware Microsoft has denied allegations that it offered to guarantee an investment made in The SCO Group, a software company embroiled in a long-standing intellectual property dispute with IBM. "Microsoft has no financial relationship with BayStar and never agreed to guarantee any of BayStar's USD 50 million investment in SCO," a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement on Monday.
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And what else would they do???
by bnolsen on Wed 11th Oct 2006 15:22 UTC
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They must deny it or likely face very damaging consequences from lots of different governments world wide.

Of course Microsoft could have avoided the whole situation by just doing business and not trying to unethically (possibly illegally) sabatoge their competition by funelling money through a front company.

Or all the other antics they've pulled in their quest to "wage war" on their competition. Shady business practices alwaysl leads to trouble.

Doing business with a view to help your customers at least will allow you to sleep at night and enables you to exist long term.

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