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Apple Linus Torvalds has picked up one of Apple's new Intel-based Mac minis to play with, but the Linux creator still prefers Apple's old PowerPC architecture for his primary desktop machine. "I'm actually still running a G5, but I also have a Mac mini," Torvalds revealed today in an e-mail to ZDNet Australia. "I like the design, and it's the right form-factor to be a replacement machine for my wife and daughter, but sadly, Apple screwed up the firmware in various stupid ways."
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RE[2]: EFI bugs?
by alwayscrashing on Wed 11th Oct 2006 16:11 UTC in reply to "RE: EFI bugs?"
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What I said was, Macs run Mac OS X and no one is having any trouble at all with EFI for running software on a Mac. Therefore the firmware is not 'screwed up' as Linux Torvalds put it.

I never claimed it is impossible to run Mac OS X on anything but a Mac. This article is not about that at all and I have no idea why you even brought it up.

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