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Gnome "A desktop full of handy widgets to tell you about what's going on in the world and what's going on around your computer. This is Jackfield. Jackfield is an application for the Gnome desktop that plays host to widgets; small applications to do the things you need. It can run widgets from Apple's Dashboard, will eventually be able to run those from Yahoo's Widget Engine, Microsoft's Gadget Sidebar, and Opera Widgets, and you can write your own."
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by judgen on Wed 11th Oct 2006 22:33 UTC
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gadgets, widgets and all the other crap. Is there actually any need for them? i dont want to offend, but it seems that people want them just for the eye candy and not for their usabillity, and that is fine with me as long as they dont force feed me the stuff down my throat. (and i base that on the appearance of the current microsoft and apple products.) Dont get me wrong i cant be usefull with theese kinds of products, but i dont see it as a feature in my case, in fact its more of an hassle and it uses up prechios desk space.

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