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In the News We at OSNews have tiptoed around the following unfolding story for a while now, scared we would wrongly damage Hans Reiser's image. However, now that he has been arrested as a suspect in this case, we cannot ignore it any longer. "Oakland police today arrested the estranged husband of 31-year-old Nina 'Nenasha' Reiser on charges of murder even though in the month since she vanished, investigators have found no trace of her body. Hans Reiser, a man who has recently refused to cooperate with investigators, was arrested today along with two additional unidentified people around 11 a.m. at an acquaintance's home in the 6900 block of Simson Street, according to police."
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Varg Vikernes
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Are you serious? Do you have any idea how the legal system works? Arresting him means the DA probably has enough evidence to convict him. They don't just go arresting people for no reason.

Police expressed confidence that the district attorney's office would arraign Reiser on charges for murder even without the discovery of Nina Reiser's body.

So yeah, the probably do have some strong evidence that he did it.

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