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Apple Linus Torvalds has picked up one of Apple's new Intel-based Mac minis to play with, but the Linux creator still prefers Apple's old PowerPC architecture for his primary desktop machine. "I'm actually still running a G5, but I also have a Mac mini," Torvalds revealed today in an e-mail to ZDNet Australia. "I like the design, and it's the right form-factor to be a replacement machine for my wife and daughter, but sadly, Apple screwed up the firmware in various stupid ways."
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Maybe if some of you...
by Aussie_Bear on Thu 12th Oct 2006 04:21 UTC
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...understood the situation before you post, you'd realise something.

One of the responses in the linked article explains why Linus feels the way he does.

Actually, "more modern PCs with EFI" suck in a number of different ways. If you search the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) you will know the technical details.

In a nutshell, the old BIOS sucks so bad that every modern OS just uses it for booting, and then ignores it altogether and goes on to do its own thing for scanning the machine for PCI cards and so on. EFI, on the other hand, has more features and those features allow some customization by manufacturers (the "Extensible" part in EFI). If some operations start requiring the OS to do EFI calls (unlike the BIOS, which forces nothing), we get into the same kind of mess as ACPI, with the extensions posing parsing problems, and bugs forcing the OS to work around them. ACPI was also supposed to be more "modern" and stuff, but its complexity as revealed itself to pose more problems than the ones that it was supposed to solve.

So, in this case, the BIOS is actually better, because it doesn't get in the way (and doesn't provide any false hope of solving any problems).

It has nothing to do with Apple specifically. Linus is criticising EFI itself.

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