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Apple Linus Torvalds has picked up one of Apple's new Intel-based Mac minis to play with, but the Linux creator still prefers Apple's old PowerPC architecture for his primary desktop machine. "I'm actually still running a G5, but I also have a Mac mini," Torvalds revealed today in an e-mail to ZDNet Australia. "I like the design, and it's the right form-factor to be a replacement machine for my wife and daughter, but sadly, Apple screwed up the firmware in various stupid ways."
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RE[2]: so how
by google_ninja on Thu 12th Oct 2006 13:11 UTC in reply to "RE: so how"
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Personally, I haven't purchased a Mac for the simple reason that Apple hasn't shown a tendency to allow the consumer to do what they want with the computer after they purchase it. OTH, I think it makes a great product for my grandmother.

I'm confused. are you referring to this, or this

Linux has run on macs forever, and now apple officially sanctions a bootloader for multiple OSs. You know, older versions of windows wouldnt install if your MBR wasnt blessed by redmond, and newer versions of windows simply overwrite it without prompting or even notification?

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