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AMD "AMD described its forthcoming quad-core processor, codenamed Barcelona, in a session at today's Microprocessor Forum. Details of the new microarchitecture on which the processor is based (codenamed K8L) have been known for some time now. Still, the event brought some new info, and here are some highlights that I've culled from some of the reporting on it."
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RE[4]: I know what you mean
by dylansmrjones on Thu 12th Oct 2006 14:08 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I know what you mean"
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I can do a whole lot with 1.5 GhZ system. At least with 1024 MB ram everything works reasonably. CPU-power isn't so important (The number of cores are more important). The barrier is still primarily the harddisk.

If the application is sluggish on a multi mhz system, it must be replaced. It's simply crappy software.

I can easily write documents or hear music while burning a disc. But of course, opening applications and documents take longer time.

Good advice: Avoid sluggish applications.

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