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Windows "It's unusual for a Beta 1 version of Windows to have both the final shipping name of the product and as many new features as this build shows. And that's a strong sign of two things. Firstly: Windows Vista remains an ambitious release of Windows, despite some of the features that Microsoft has pushed off the side of the boat. Secondly: Microsoft is trying to get serious, both internally and externally, about this development program. Windows Vista is now the company's top priority." Read on, ten pages, here.
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More places to put things in
by gonzalo on Thu 11th Aug 2005 22:28 UTC
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The review isn't all that interesting but anyway...

Ok, so now users' stuff is not in C:Documents and Settings but you still preserve that directory for the "All Users" settings. User's settings are now in C:Users

When you go and install program X you'll have the following options, depending on how the author made the install:
- It correctly installs in C:Users your settings and in C:Documents and Settings the general settings.
- It doesn't, it goes for C:Documents and Settings
- It goes for C:Users but unfortunately your Vista is in spanish and it should have gone into C:Usuarios
- Any combination you can think of. Oh, and please consider also "My Documents" vs the new "Documents"... vs "Documentos" and vs "Mis Documentos".

So, after installing some dozen applications they may be anywhere. Why on earth don't MS make up their minds with a standard naming scheme and stick to it, please?

But of course... that's what all the effort in making searches and virtual folders about, isn't it?

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