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Windows 'The most secure Windows ever' may be very secure from hackers and malware - but what do you do when Longhorn Server let's you install the OS, set up Active Directory, and initialize the domain without once asking you to even create an administrator password? "What happened to Windows Server? Where did all of the stringent security checks and ultra-protection of Windows Server 2003 go? Windows Server 2000 was quite insecure, and Windows Server 2003 turned over a new leaf... But it seems Microsoft is more than willing to flip that page back - even Windows Server 2000 required an Administrator password at the very least."
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What's the problem?
by B. Janssen on Fri 13th Oct 2006 14:14 UTC
B. Janssen
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AFAI recall Netware up to 5.1 -- after that we switched to GNU/Linux -- never asked for an Admin password during setup. Depending on the role of the machine we would set a password later on or not. Then, under Netware you could do zilch locally, how's it with MS Longhorn?

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