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FreeBSD "The objective of this whitepaper is to explain some of the features and benefits provided by FreeBSD, and where applicable, compare those features to Linux. This paper provides a starting point for those interested in exploring open source alternatives to Linux."
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> My answer is no FreeBSD cannot be a replacement for GNU/Linux , it as les software , less hardware support , less Freedom , less rights given.

It gives *more* rights. Quoting Theo de Raadt:

"Software [...] must be free to all (be they people or companies), for any purpose they wish to use it, including modification, use, peeing on, or even integration into baby mulching machines or atomic bombs to be dropped on Australia."

Otherwise, FreeBSD will soon have better hardware support since they are starting to include binary drivers in their system (like... hmm... I wonder who came with this idea first ? Not the we-love-freedom-but-still-we-want-video-acceleration Linux community, of course.)

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