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Windows Microsoft has released licenses for the Windows Vista operating system that dramatically differ from those for Windows XP in that they limit the number of times that retail editions can be transferred to another device and ban the two least-expensive versions from running in a virtual machine. The new licenses, which were highlighted by the Vista team on its official blog Tuesday, add new restrictions to how and where Windows can be used.
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A) It sucks B) Who cares
by MattPie on Fri 13th Oct 2006 17:58 UTC
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While this does seem to suck, it's sucking is limited to a small set of people. Yes, the corporate testing angle is completely valid. It wouldn't shock me if MSDN licensing was different. It also wouldn't shock me to find out that MSDN only lets you run Vista Home on Virtual Server VMs, but hey.

For the home user, even a technical one, it isn't going to matter much for now. If you've already switched to something else (OS X, Linux, etc), you're probably only going to be using Windows for a few windows-only applications. These applications aren't going to stop supporting Windows XP any time soon, since they know that a large share of people are going to be using XP for a very long time.

I will try run Vista in a VM. If MS really wants to crack down, I just won't run Vista, simple as that. I have Linux and Mac anyways, and XP in a VM.

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