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Windows Microsoft has released licenses for the Windows Vista operating system that dramatically differ from those for Windows XP in that they limit the number of times that retail editions can be transferred to another device and ban the two least-expensive versions from running in a virtual machine. The new licenses, which were highlighted by the Vista team on its official blog Tuesday, add new restrictions to how and where Windows can be used.
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And I may call up Microsoft one day, even though I disagree with having to phone them up to get permission to use the software that I bought from them (as a matter of principle).

Or maybe not. I picked up XP and Office to make life easier when I entered a professional programme. I'm done with that and it didn't make life easier anyway, so calling Microsoft would only waste my time and send my blood pressure through the roof.

And for what it's worth, I purchased the license through the University so it is legit. I am currently employed by that same university so there is no reason why it would no longer be valid.

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