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Mac OS X "If you can believe what some of the online tech prognosticators tell you, Apple's real 'Top Secret' plan is to have Mac OS 10.5 Leopard out by Macworld Expo in January, or perhaps shortly thereafter. If true, it would give Apple a chance to trounce Windows Vista, at least in times of mind share as opposed to market share, assuming the latter indeed comes out around the same time. I think some of the folks who expect an early release ought to reconsider what they're smoking or drinking."
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by MacGod on Sat 14th Oct 2006 00:06 UTC in reply to "Na..."
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Hmmm - yeah, I guess you could buy VISTA and install it on your PC - but not the same with LEOPARD. but think about this - have you read the new EULA that comes with VISTA (rc2 at least). You cannot use the HOME version in a VM at all - right to use is limited to ONE TRANSFER - to new machine - PERIOD!!!

MS is getting bolder with their tactics of licensing.

I, unfortunatley am straddling both worlds right now - I use Mac OS X as my main laptop - use Parallez or Boot Camp to boot to XP if I need to run a Windows App or connect to my companies Exchange Server with a good native client (and do not mention... Entourage as that client).

I love the Mac OS, but need the XP OS for a lot of day to day work at my job.

OMG - talk about long winded - sorry - BUT, I do not think that Apple will rush their product to market to 'one-up' MS, ever.

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