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GNU, GPL, Open Source "There has been lots of talk over the past few years about open source license proliferation. I'm generally of the mind that if you can't solve the problem with the GPL, MPL, or BSD, it's not a licensing problem worth solving. I've therefore been interested to watch the progress of the European Union Public License (Draft here). The EU has stated its rationale (which the Free Software Foundation doesn't buy), but let me add one big reason of my own."
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Paternalism and duh!
by pfortuny on Sat 14th Oct 2006 18:01 UTC
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Not literally quoted (lazy), but "writing new free software licence is an ill-advice activity".

OK, dad. Now, may I return later than 11:00 this night? By the way, dad, did you realize (I know this has already been addressed) that YOU are writing another licence?

I GOT IT: If the EU calls it "draft 0.9 of an attepmt towards a licencing scheme" then it won't be a new licence (it probably needs a 1.0 to be a complete licence) and it may not be as ill adviced? Or they might as well call it "Public Domain v2" and it won't be a new licence, either.

(aside: I also think writing new "free" licences is ill-adviced, but I won't pretend I am right on this and try to state it as common-knowledge).

2c. For free.


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