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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Sooner or later, people will do most of their reading on portable digital devices. If this horrifies you, then worry not: You have some time. But if you're impatient for the paperless future, you can embrace it now. Sony has introduced the USD 350,- Reader e-book and the 10000-title, big-publishing house backed Connect e-book store. The one-time consumer-electronics superpower clearly hopes the pair will become something of an iPod + iTunes for books."
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eBooks will never go mainstream
by Don Grayson on Sun 15th Oct 2006 15:21 UTC
Don Grayson
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Here's why:

* $350 for a machine to read books on, and that's all it does??? Forget it.

* I just dropped my $350 eReader, now the screen is cracked!!! Forget this!

* Wow, I guess taking my $350 eReader to the beach really was a bad idea. Who knew sand and water could do so much damage to expensive electronics???

Paper books are cheap, convenient, easily transportable, don't run out of power. Until someone builds an eReader that at least costs under $100, is waterproof and seriously ruggedized then they will never be more than a niche product.


I can see a definite place for eBooks in the education sector. Each school board could pick and choose from a digital curriculum (school wiki anyone?) that is peer reviewed and constantly updated rather than paying publishers for static books that subsequently have to be reused for several years.

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