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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Sooner or later, people will do most of their reading on portable digital devices. If this horrifies you, then worry not: You have some time. But if you're impatient for the paperless future, you can embrace it now. Sony has introduced the USD 350,- Reader e-book and the 10000-title, big-publishing house backed Connect e-book store. The one-time consumer-electronics superpower clearly hopes the pair will become something of an iPod + iTunes for books."
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Supported formats
by iarann on Sun 15th Oct 2006 18:49 UTC
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Formats natively supported
Adobe® PDF, JPEG, BBeB Book and plain text formats natively supported. HTML and other text formats require conversion using included software.

This comes directly off their website. BBeB us their proprietary format with built in DRM.

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