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OS/2 and eComStation The proposed design for Voyager, which aims to become an OS/2 replacement, is now available. "Voyager is the codename for the idea of having a replacement OS/2 on top of modern technology. This idea is the result of around 1.5 years of thinking a lot about what we can do in the future as current OS/2 and eComStation users. Note that it's absolutely impossible to convey what we plan to do in a few sentences. I made a speech on it at Warpstock Europe 2005 that, by itself, took 1.5 hours so you get the point." Read the Voyager FAQ to understand what it actually is and aims to become.
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Why not sooner?
by mini-me on Sun 15th Oct 2006 19:27 UTC
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While I applaud the effort, why not do something sooner?
IBM has EOLed OS/2 a while ago, and we all knew there was no commercial development for a while. So, you're trying to recreate OS/2 (you already have a 10 year handicap), and then factor in the additional years since the EOL will take them a while to get up to speed and produce something that is extensible and ready for the future...

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