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GNU, GPL, Open Source "There is one huge difference between the free and non-free software that has some very practical implications in the way we use it. One of those implications are the dependencies between single software packages in the free software model. What do they have to do with the free software philosophy and why should not you be afraid of them? Read on to find this out."
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No I read the article. But again, why rant about having to write things from scratch? It just doesn't happen that way. What is your point behind point this 'issue' under the non-free development model and not in the free development model?

As I said, the attempt to like dependency issues to open/close source just doesn't work, because it's not true.

Now, if you start talking about writing interopable applications (like Office...). That's a whole other issue and I don't think too many people are going to read the article that way.

But even here. A lot of applications have a plugin nature which allows people to easily write applications and addons. Lockin issues (like non-standard file formats and communication channels...) are harder to handle in closed source applications. But like I said, the article doesn't read as if this is the point.

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