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GNU, GPL, Open Source "There is one huge difference between the free and non-free software that has some very practical implications in the way we use it. One of those implications are the dependencies between single software packages in the free software model. What do they have to do with the free software philosophy and why should not you be afraid of them? Read on to find this out."
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I don't really know why you're trying to combine issues of dependency hell with non-free/free software. It's not gelling.

Do non-free software use libraries.
Yes, all the time.

Does free software use external libraries
Yes, all the time.

That said, from your last post when you speak about things more on the application level. I reread the article, ignoring the comments on closed source.

Now I can kind of see the point. Open source apps are more likely to make nice 'libraries' because they anticipate and want it being used by others. For example with the Gecko rendering engine. That seems reasonable enough, though I'm not sure how true it is in general.

That said, the IE rendering engine is there as well. And there are several browsers based on IE. Who'd use em, no one knows ;)

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